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Needlepoint Christmas 3

Santa's Little Fools custom Christmas stocking


Santa's Little Fools, one of my favorite stand up Santa designs re-created into a custom Christmas stocking.

Here is Santa with an armful of Jester dolls in the snowy woods packing his bags with the help of his forest friends under a stand of gnarled bark trees. The picture shown, is from a small group of custom designed Christmas stockings I've painted on 18 mesh canvas.

It's a very festive design of bright colors and painted details including bright bits of decorations on the snowy covered tree branches.

This was a design challenge to re-create this figure, the trees and bag of toys into a stocking format from the original canvas picture. For a short time I was stumped wondering how to balance the scene with the stocking toe as well as regrouping the tree branches along with the scale of the original painting to look pleasing in this new shape. It was not just a matter of retracing the design into the stocking shape but balancing all the design elements and color placements.

Using a scanner and computer, I first rescaled the original outline of the design and hand redrew the picture so all would balance. Then created a whole new scene of the Rabbits with the bag of toys, balancing the colors with a few more scattered packages, another Rabbit figure and added several other design elements to fit and balance the toe part of the stocking. I also painted larger trees and longer arching branches to balance out the upper stocking shape.

The design turned out so well, I wouldn't have minded keeping it for myself! I always mentally stitch a design as I'm designing or painting one of my canvases often imagining the designs stitched in several different versions using combinations of different threads and stitches!

In this design I was imagining how to create the gnarled bark of the trees with different textured threads to contrast with the sparkly snow clinging to some of the branches along with using more textured threads for Santa's robes and many other threads for the Rabbits and details. Needlepointing a design like this would only be limited by one's imagination.

The most enjoyable part of designing is seeing the results of individual stitchers and what type of interesting effects they will come up with, using their own creative touches based on his or her own imagination! Needlepoint is one of the most creative forms of individual stitching a stitcher can work with. For many of us needlepoint designers, it's a pleasure to see the individual results of such creativity based on the original canvases.

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