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Lula's Silk Gauze Needlepoint Adventure

Completed as of 21 Feb 1998

The above image is a scan taken of my very first finished silk gauze needlepoint mounted in the cover of a small Sudberry House box. The following images below were recorded by digital camera.

Stitching on 40 mesh silk gauze was a real needlework adventure for me. This is the smallest canvas mesh I've worked on so far. I have an even smaller sample piece of 48 mesh silk gauze to consider stitching , a piece of 30 mesh and a sample of 40 mesh in black that promises to be an exciting adventure of contrast color stitching! Discovering this needlework medium has opened a new world of creative needlework illustration for me with endless possibilities to explore.

I'm looking forward to using more of those wonderful colors of silks, cottons and Rayon flosses to "paint" my new ideas in stitchery. I like the way the tiny stitches of color blend together creating an artistic watercolor like effect with the quality and texture of beautiful handwork. Silk gauze needlepoint for me is similar to a combination of creating a custom designed textile fabric with a feeling of woven tapestry.

I'm so very pleased with the results of this first silk gauze project despite some small ups and downs of a couple of wrong color choices, having to rip out tiny stitches and a slight uneveness here and there of the stitched surface. That's what a first experimental project does, getting me acquainted with working new materials, improving my skills and enlarging my creative world as a stitcher and as an artist/designer.


The finished Silk gauze picture is mounted in a 4"x 4" square Walnut finished box made by Sudberry House from the Simply Square box series.

The Sudberry box is shown nestled among a collection of hand carved wood puppets from India and old Burma, part of my ethnic folk art and textile collections.





Another view of the small Sudberry Box among a collection of multi - colorful Chinese pincushions which I have many of in all sizes and shapes along with other interesting hand made, colorful pincushions I collect.

I like surrounding myself with lots of whimsical, colorful objects in my studio because all these charming bits and pieces creates a very happy and inspiring environment to work in.

A closer view of the box with the narrow little violet colored mat Mr Wooly cut and used to enclose the needlepointed silk gauze into the Sudberry box lid since the finished area of my design was half an inch smaller all around than the box dimensions.

Contact: http://www.sudberry.com/ for more info




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