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Lula's Needlepoint Silk Gauze W.I.P

as of 20 Jan 1998

When I first started with the tiny gauze stitching, I thought it would take a long, long time before I would see any progress! Surprisingly, the 40 mesh gauze is working up very quickly. I like watching the design and all its parts fall into place as colors are added and the shapes start to form.

It was a real job ripping out the orange and yellow rug areas I had stitched earlier but I had to do it since I didn't like the way it looked after the colors were stitched in. I realized these particular bright shades of orange and yellow were not going to be easy to blend in with any of the rayon floss colors I had.

The problem was compounded by the glossiness of the rayon flosses looking very different on the skein vs the stitched sample. The ideal is to have a collection of rayon floss stitch samples done in the stitch you plan to use on your piece so you can see how the color looks stitched.

Even though most people wouldn't fill in the background of a silk gauze picture, I decided to do so. I liked the effect of the Soie d'Alger Ultramarine Blue (#116) with the other colors I have used. Filling in the background has really brightened up the figure and created a needed contrast for the blowing beard to be seen properly. I use this paint color so much in my designing and painting, many people have now started calling it Wooly Dream Blue!

The next "surprise" will be what colors I use for the rug. So far I've used the deeper turquoise again on the border I had used for the the jacket and turban. By using it again, it helps the color balance of the picture and ties in the whole design even though I have not chosen the rest of the rug colors yet.


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