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The results of another needlepoint experiment - stitching the same design on different meshes - my first effort was on 40 mesh Silk gauze <http://www.woolydream.com/silkwip4.htm> and the above is stitched on larger 13 mesh needlepoint canvas - the original design is painted design on 18 mesh.

I wanted to take advantage of larger ply specialty threads such as Caron Collection's colorful shimmering Rachelette threads, Kreinik's #16 metallic braids, Pearl Cotton #3 from DMC and Anchor and using Kreinik's Silk Mori and Soie d'Alger. Also stitched with several plies of Rainbow Gallery's angora Whisper to get the soft whiskery effect of the beard.

Caron's Rachelette threads provided the perfect jeweled, shimmering color highlights in the figure's clothing with Kreinik's metallic braids adding just the right sparkling glitter. The Pearl Cottons and Silks created a lovely contrast of smoothness and texture to the overall stitching. A great stitching experiment!


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