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One of my favorite pastimes is to go through my thread collections, to look and touch the various colors and textures of these wonderful threads, imagining what they can do for needlepoint designing.

I've used larger mesh canvases for some designs as I wanted to take advantage of specific thread effects - such as the Caron Collections thread - Rachels and Rachelettes, featuring a metallic strand in a shiny nylon tubing, along with the shiny nylon tubing of Frosty Rays from Rainbow Gallery and overdyed Rachel from Needle Necessities. These threads add just the right amount of glitter for some designs where metallic braid might look too shiny and look so well next to the Pearl Cottons for contrast.

I very often let threads inspire what I'm going to design next! It's the threads that will add that extra bit of life and dimension to stitched designs. Threads can create the fuzziness of a rabbit, the matte velvet touch fur of a cat or dog and more! Shiny, glittery threads to create snowy, crystalline scenes and of course the glittery metallics to create the feeling of golden highlights and other gleaming touches. Lots of threads to create just about anything you can imagine!


My threads of the moment (and I change all the time!) are the rayon flosses which I'm needlepointing with on 40 mesh silk canvas. I love the subtle glossiness and the brilliant colors. I've used single strands of Marlitt rayon floss from Anchor and DMC rayon floss. Both brands have similar and different color palettes and compatible to use in the same design. The colors complement each other. Along with the rayons, I'm using Soie d'Alger from Kreinik, the silk floss creates a nice contrast to the rayon floss since the colors are a little more muted and less shiny.

I've also discovered recently the wonderful hand dyed silk ribbons from The Thread Gatherer with all their shades and depth of colors. Originally I had no interest in Silk Ribbon Embroidery until I saw the jewel like colors of these ribbons! Now I use them for flowers and accents on my needlepoint.

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