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The Tent Stitch --- My FavoriteWorking Stitch

I've been needlepointing for many years and have tried various methods of working it but I've always returned to the tried and true simple tent stitch for much of my stitching as my goal as a designer is to show my needlepoint designs as is without too many distractions from the original design.

No matter how much I like the effects of some fancy stitches, I still like the plain old tent stitch best. I like the way I can maneuver the tent stitch around my canvas and the durability and smoothness of the stitch. It's a classic that looks good no matter what subject or object I stitch with it. It's plain but in my opinion a versatile stitch that tailors itself to fit whatever you want to needlepoint. You can't go wrong with it.

Somtimes I don't have the energy to fuss with specialty stitches and just want to needlepoint a bit to relax, another reason to like the faithful, simple tent stitch!

I'm crazy about creating my own fabric with needle and yarn. I love the texture of hand stitched needlepoint "fabric". The slight irregularity of the stitches is what gives the needlepoint its charm. It's also the simplicity of the medium that attracts me.

Like many fine artists who pick up needlepoint, I don't like to have too many stitches detracting from the basic design. One thing about many artist's designs is they are usually very colorful and full of details that can stand well on their own stitched plainly. Many of my designs for example use high contrast colors and drawn outlines rather than just shading to delineate design areas.

Fancy stitches have their place in the needlepoint world and I like to use them for the right touches and effects. There's nothing worse than seeing a piece of finished needlepoint with too many stitches going every which way unrelated to the feel of the design. Stitches have to work with the design and the best techniques in stitching perfection does not always create good design.

Choosing the right stitches to enhance a needlepoint design is an art of its own. One has to find stitches that are compatible with the style of the design. Every design should have a focus --- is it the fancy stitches or is it the integrity of the design we are after? Stitches should be used to enhance and not overpower a design.

With the advent of newer colors and textures of threads now available, tent stitched needlepoint can now compete with the fancier stitches in creating needlepoint effects! I love using the textured threads to create illusions of softness, glitter, fuzziness and so on and still being able to use my favorite tent stitch to maneuver through tiny details and myriad color changes. My needlepoint can now glitter, fuzz and dazzle it's way through with the basic design shining through!


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