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Lula's Needlepoint Silk Gauze W.I.P

as of 13 Jan 1998

The famous "measles" patterned jacket!

The bright hot pink and turquoise combination has now toned down a little as I stitch in other colors to balance the brightness. The ultramarine blue silk I'm stitching the background in is helping to focus the figure and making it more dramatic looking.

I haven't decided what colors I'm going to stitch the billowing pants yet. These next colors will tie the entire design together.

Naturally, life would have been easier if I had planned this carefully but being eager to stitch on the silk gauze when it first arrived, I couldn't wait to start.

I haven't been bored with needlepointing this sketch with all those tiny tent stitches at all........I'm totally addicted to seeing the design grow!! I'm one of these people that gets bored very easily but so far this has been a real adventure and learning experience seeing how my little sketch is turning out being "painted" with the rayon and silk floss colors. I like the texture of the tiny stitches, it's so fine and neat looking.

With my next silk gauze project, I plan to needlepoint the whole thing on a small scroll frame so I can stitch faster with two hands and center the design so I don't get all the way to the edge of this mat frame as I did with this on my first 40 mesh gauze stitching adventure.

So far, I've found the DMC rayon floss to fray slightly while stitching compared to the Marlitt which didn't fray at all. Marlitt also had a slightly silkier feel.

The only problem stitching with the rayon strands is having the strand of thread slipping out of the needle now and then while stitching because it's so slippery! A single strand of either brand of rayon floss covers and looks exactly the same once stitched in.

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