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Lula's Needlepoint Silk Gauze W.I.P

as of 3 Jan 1998

Here it is.....a scan of the 40 mesh silk gauze canvas I've been stitching on and off since 18 of Dec.

The silk gauze canvas is mounted on a working mat board frame by my friends Paula and Dan of the Crossed Wings Collection. Paula uses double stick tape to mount the gauze first and then artist tape over the mounting. This holds extremely well and keeps the gauze canvas taut. I haven't had a problem with the the silk gauze loosening up at all.

You can see the lines I've sketched onto the canvas. Unfortunately, when I'm stitching, these lines are extremely faint compared to the clarity seen here.

I like the way the DMC and Anchor Marlitt rayon colors glow from the darker color of the gauze background. I've used Soie d'Alger for the beard and face. The beard isn't finished yet even though it looks filled in here. The combination of the softer silk colors with the brighter, shinier rayons creates a very nice subtle effect.

A single strand of rayon floss is a shade heavier than a single strand of the Soie d'Alger which works perfectly on 40 mesh. I've also stitched with single strands of Needlepoint,Inc. silk on this picture and find them to be just a little bit thin to cover the 40 mesh as well as the other threads used.

I've stitched a faint line of regular gold blending filament on the front part of the turban and I haven't decided if I like it or not. The hi-luster blending filament I originally stitched in was too heavy looking since it's more of a thin, flat metallic ribbon rather than a fine rounded thread.

Even though I'm not finished with this drawing of mine, I'm already looking ahead and imagining other subjects I can draw and paint with more silks and rayon colors! The possibilities are endless!


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