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Needlepoint Matroishka Dolls


Painted wooden Matroishka Dolls


The following needlepoint designs were inspired by painted wood nesting dolls known as Matroishkas. These colorful, wooden dolls come nested inside each other, each doll ontaining a smaller figure - depending on size, each doll will contain a few to very many nested figures. The painted doll patterns range from simple floral patterns to elaborate beautifully painted scenes . Some of the fancy large dolls contain a series of scenes from a particular fairy tale to a series of tales, each illustrated in great detail.

The assorted Matroishka doll canvases pictured above, are painted in different sizes. A stitched group of various sized Matroishka figures would make a charming display as stand alone figures or displayed in an interesting basket or box. The largest Dolls (Winter and Star Coat) are about 13" high and the smallest (Matroishka and Rabbit, not shown) is approximately 6" high.

Shown above upper left to right: (med) Sunflower -- #8 Santa -- (large) Starcoat -- Knitting -- (small) Flower Matroishka -- (small) #3 Babushka face -- (small) #15 Flower basket -- (large) Winter -- (med) #5 Winter Matroishka -- (small) Forest Scene -- (small) #13 Pine Trees


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