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Whimsical Needlepoint VIP Portraits



A series of whimsical portraits to make you smile - from the royal court to seafaring pirates - interesting little portraits to needlepoint with your own stitches, choice of threads and embellishments to create your very own gallery of unique personalities!

Let your imagination go - try a velour thread for the Pirates eyepatch - how about a fuzzy thread for his hair and then something in shiny Silk or Rayon for his colorful bandana? A matte ground with shiny polka dots would be an interesting effect among many stitching options to choose from.

Added embelishments to stitch - tiny freshwater Pearls, spangles and gold beads for the jewels and then go crazy choosing interesting threads and stitches for the clothing details. A wonderful dimensional effect can be created by using padded specialty stitches and threads for the main figure and a flat basketweave or tent stitched background so the figures look like they "popping" out of their frames!

Designs shown: Baron Von Stutz (monocle) #3, The Duchess #5, The King #1, Lady #6, Lady #7, Pirate #1


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