Wooly Dreams Design

Needlepoint Stitching Retreat

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

April 1997

A partial view of villas in the Krystal hotel complex . The backs of these rooms face onto the beach and Pacific Ocean.

We could hear the waves on the beach at night, a very relaxing sound to stitch or drift off to.

The front doors of the rooms open to a large open sided covered patio for each cluster of 3 villas. Each patio also contained a little tiled pool off to the side. Every afternoon a very bright yellow and black bird would skim by to take a bird bath in our little pool.

Our cluster of villas was at the end of this walkway.

It was very pleasant to sit there and stitch with my neighbors next door in the afternoons set aside for siestas (where everything pretty much shuts down) with fresh sea breezes.

Sometimes the local cats came by to visit and keep us company. And every now and then a tiny lizard would zing by on a wall.


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