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Needlepoint Stitching Retreat

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

April 1997

Posted: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 -- Home Again

I just got home at 1:30 am EST---left Pto.Vallarta at about 4:30 CST.

The nicest thing about a vacation is getting home! Back to my cluttered little house with more new "clutter" --- more hand carved and hand made folk art figures I collect and my almost finished needlepoint piece I was working on of one of my Time Flies series.

I needlepointed everynight until the wee hours and spent my days eating Mexican food and shopping for Mexican crafts with other stitchers in the group.

Obviously didn't get much sleep! Learned more Spanish by going to local supermarkets, local shops and neighborhoods where very little or no English is spoken. Bought a couple of kilos of mangoes and bags of baked goods at the local bakery shops.

Gave up the internet due to a bad telephone line at the hotel --- couldn't connect after numerous tries and the few times I did get on, I was disconnected!

The local news server only received a handful of ng posts a day. I did go to a Cyber Cafe downtown--too bad I didn't have my server info to pick up my e-mail at the time. I recommend visiting these places to keep connected when traveling if one doesn't want to carry a computer on a trip.

I found some more needlework magazines --- punto de cruz is what they call XS. More crochet magazines though. In the shops I went to there had very little in embroidery supplies, only found a limited range of cotton and rayon floss by Iris. No regular DMC or Anchor and definitely no wools.

Found a few more lizards in my room--- different sizes --- I'd rather have lizards than bugs any day! Saw some small gecko lizards outside the doorway of my villa. Just had to get used to them darting around.

There are Iguanas around, saw a few blending into the tree limbs or on rooftops sunning themselves in different places on the outskirts of town.

The needlepointing companionship was great --- sat through a few class sessions, learned some new things from LeAnn and made newfriends --- the second class started this morning and this time there is a male needlepointer in the class from NYS --- Harold has been needlepointing and stitching for 25 years!

I had dinner with a handful of the new class attendees last night --- along with about 7 well behaved cats who parked themselves nearby at our outdoor dinner table! One came back to visit with me at breakfast today.

The weather had turned very sunny and beautiful when I left --- I said goodbye to Harold who had the villa next to ours and the last sight was seeing Harold needlepointing on the class project on our shared covered patio.

Didn't have any trouble clearing customs---no one questioned me on my 2 embroidery scissors or even asked to check my Powerbook --- going or coming on this trip. The Mexicans did confiscate my CA navel orange I brought from home, but that's standard practice on both sides.


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