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Needlepoint Stitching Retreat

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

April 1997

Posted: Sat 12 Apr 1997

Hello from beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Signed on with a local Mexican ISP today and got connected again----only problem are the phone lines in the hotel---terrible connections---got on earlier this evening and was disconnected--then it took over an hour of about trying over 20x to reconnect--this time at a 7200 bps rate---from the original 12000 bps I thought that was bad compared to my normal 28.8.

I have a little lizard living in the bathroom, tropical weather, right on the beach. Can hear the waves breaking from the room. Totally beautiful scenary, friendly people and great food.

Couldn't find a listing for any needlework shops---saw a crochet, craft painting and baby knitting magazines as the craft publications at a local supermarket. Didn't see any needlework shops listed at all---only one fabric shop.

The Fiber Fantasy Stitching Retreat I'm with is working on a hand painted angel canvas using a myriad of fibers and stitches. Quite amazing how threads and stitches can transform a 2-D canvas into a unique piece of needlepoint art.

I've met many needlepointers from all over the US at this class.

Have spent two days enjoying the weather, dinners and needlepointing away on my three small canvases sitting in a central patio outside our little cluster (3) villas- (rooms) with each group clustered around a small pool---I'm next door to a couple of other needlepointers and we all sit there needlepointing in the beautiful grounds enjoying the sea breezes.


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