Wooly Dreams Design

Needlepoint Stitching Retreat

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

April 1997

One of the colorful shops that filled the downtown area. This one was one of the bigger shops but there were many small vendors and shops all over with interesting and colorful handcrafts to look through and bargain for.

There were several arcade buildings crowded with small shops similar to shopping malls that were located around town.

The most interesting shopping place was located in a dip of land next to the river with many vendors and artists in little shops and booths under a pleasant tree lined area. In order to get there, we had the choice of walking back up the streets across a regular footbridge or walking across one of those spindly, rope tied, open plank bridges over the river at the place where we were.

We opted to walk across the swinging, shaking bridge! It was hard to maintain a good balance with the first few steps! The locals didn't think anything about it! It took a little getting used to but we did it a few times since we were too lazy to walk back up the hill.


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