Wooly Dreams Design

Needlepoint Stitching Retreat

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

April 1997


Daiquiri Dick's is the is the name of this downtown seaside restaurant. Right on the beach with a beautiful view of the curved coastline creating the bay Puerto Vallarta sits on. A very pretty place to have a meal.

We came here several times to eat because I loved their Serviche, which is raw fish marinated in Lime juice, served with two fresh salsas, one a black bean and the other, fresh tomato.

Here, we could watch some of those parasail daredevils leap up into the sky with the giant parachutes being towed by a boat. One man never got very high and instead got dunked into the ocean where he was picked up right away. We saw one woman come gliding in gracefully landing on the beach very neatly.

I liked it when the beach vendors came right up to the gate of the restaurant showing off their wares trying to catch your eye. That's how I bought two hand carved wooden folk Angels. One of the Angel faces looked exactly like our friendly waiter!

My only regret is I didn't buy the carved wooden Merman figure who had jointed upraised arms and wearing a fish tail hat!


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