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NEW - handpainted canvas - 18 mesh: Happy New Year!!!

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Illustration from A Moonlight Romance: Elmo & Bessie

Welcome to our design studio, featuring art & design for artistic environments

  Notes - Fall 2005

Elmo & Bessie our romantic couple and their tropical elephant friends Ellie & Burt, another fun couple are now featured on four new fabrics by Shamash and Sons Textiles www.shamashandsons.com

Check out my new opulent jeweled elephant chart posted on www.kreinik.com freebie charts


Wooly Dreams Design Notes

We'll be posting new designs shortly.....thank you for your patience.

I've adapted a series of Elmo & Bessie (shown above), illustrations from an original story, A Moonlight Romance......two other illustrations adapted to canvas are shown below......Madame La Zora & Friends, a humorous re-visit to my favorite fortune teller to see what's new in her crystal ball and next door in Mephisto the Great's Magic booth, we get an unexpected surprise! Looks like the magic rabbit has had A Few Too Many Carrots!! These two amusing designs will look uniquely alive stitched with your choice of specialty threads for color and texture......two favorite threads I love stitching with on 13 mesh designs are a selection of Kreinik's glittery #16 metallic braids along with Caron's Rachelette thread...... these threads each feature a palette of festive glitz and brilliant colors. The Rachelette has the bonus of creating a soft shimmery glow when stitched adding an element of contrasting texture.

The beauty of needlepoint can be seen even if stitching with the most basic down to earth threads such as pearl cottons......these threads will turn a cotton mesh canvas into a luxurious handmade fabric of crunchy texture with a variety of glorious colors stitched next to each other......specialty threads in a variety of colors and textures are more options to choose from.

Threads are the major factor in making designs "come to life".

With a well designed and well painted canvas, one is able to create a masterpiece of fine handwork just using a palette of basic Persian wools & pearl cottons in classic tent stitch......all one has to do is relax and be soothed with easy stitching, watching the canvas come to life as each stitch and row builds on another.

Each Wooly Dreams Design canvas is an original work of art as I paint each one of my own canvas designs individually from scratch to capture every nuance of expression and detail........what you see painted will look exactly the same when stitched as all canvases are carefully stitch painted for accuracy of detail and for easy stitching.


 For information, please contact: designer - illustrator Lula Chang : mail@woolydream.com


A Few Too Many Carrots and Madame La Zora & Friends are each painted on 13 mesh canvas.


I started off the 2004 New Year with a humorous canvas design featuring Father Time carrying the New Year Baby! Shown above in: Happy New Year!!!

Leading the pack of the newest over-the-top characters is, Chocolotta who really knows how to spend a cold winter's day with lots of chocolate, afterall, cold weather does burn calories even when reclining on a cozy daybed, chatting on her cool purple phone!

On cloudy snowy nights, Mr Moon likes to snuggle in his bed under a cozy colorful quilt, wearing comfy flannel PJ's with a night cap to warm the top of head in the clouds AND don't forget, a stack of interesting books for: Bed Time Stories

These Snowy days also reminds one of Christmas......a cheery Christmas snowman and Santa trimming a tree with helpers!

NEW - Christmas projects......Christmas Snowman & a Santa's Tree Trimmers - 18 mesh


NEW - Mr Moon's Bed Time Stories - 18 mesh


NEW - Chocolotta - 18 mesh

NEW - Come on In!!! - 18 mesh


On the left side is the original painted illustration of the happy haunted house.....the adapted painted canvas version is on right. I've started stitching the haunted house canvas and plan to have it finished as a wall hanging with a border of black cat head buttons from JHB buttons - www.buttons.com

Halloween is a favorite theme filled with imagination and color. Some of my favorite motifs are haunted houses......so much fun creating my own architectural follies and oddities......I can add a crooked turret here or there, a cupola, etc. Then, I fill these structures with a host of colorful & lively characters like the black cats with personality. My own black cat Mysterious or Mysty as she's known has been the inspiration for all the black cats I draw in Halloween and other illustrations......in fact, Mysty often sits on top of the drafting stool, peering over the edge of the drafting table while I'm painting to check on my progress!

Art License News:

This Illustration and Design section will be moving to its own NEW web address.......new site will be linked as soon as we finish working on it........we'll be exhibiting at the Las Vegas CHA show Jan 2006 and NYC Surtex May 2006


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